King Tut's Treasure

I have been inside King Tut’s tomb, as well as at the Egyptian Museum. The huge amounts of treasures I have seen are incredible. But, so is the slot game King Tut’s Treasure. This is the first 3-reel Egyptian theme-based slot game that I can say pays out like crazy. The key to winning over and over again is to bet the max in this game. I urge you to play King Tut’s Treasures Slots at Lincoln Flash Casino. You can play for free or you can join and play for real money. I would definitely suggest the latter.

Game Facts

King Tut’s Treasure is a 3-reel, 1-paylone bonus slot. The coin sizes range from one cent to $10, with a max spin of $30. I would strongly recommend you bet the max because the payouts are fabulous. The pay table is located at the top of the slot machine giving you a full view of the symbols and payouts.

Egyptian Symbols of the Boy King

The symbols in this game are one-dimensional; however, they do pay out continuously. King Tut is the wild symbol and will double your winnings when he appears in any 3 symbol winning combinations. Other symbols of note include: a camel, an Ankh, a scarab, palm trees, Eye of Ra, Sphinx, Pyramids, and King Tut. Get all three King Tut symbols to win 2000 coins. Also, when the Camel symbols appear one time on the pay line, you will win $60 if you bet the max. Get 3 Ankhs and you will win $120. Get three Scarabs and win $240. Again, your wins depend entirely on betting the max, and it is worth every penny. Two Ankhs with a King Tut symbol will yield a $240 win. I can play this game for hours, it is just that good.

Play King Tut’s Treasure at Lincoln Flash Casino

As traditional slots go, King Tut’s Treasures pays out more frequently than other slots in this genre. Thus, give yourself a special treat and play King Tut’s Treasure at the fabulous Lincoln Flash Casino.