Lucky 7's Slots

Once again we would like to introduce to you the second of two 7 reel slots available at Lincoln Flash Casino. From the beginning of my reviews of slot games, this one has always been a favorite of more, and I am sure it will become a favorite of yours as well. 7 reel slots are a bit uncommon these days, and that’s why Lucky 7s Slots is so appealing. Moreover, it is available at Lincoln Flash Casino which means you can play for fun and go on to play for real money directly from the lobby area.

Game Facts

Lucky 7s is a 7-reel, 7-payline slot game that is one of the most enjoyable games at Lincoln Flash Casino. The coin size ranges from 1 cent to $10, with a max bet of $70. This is an ideal slot for beginners and seasoned players alike. I think it is because the look and feel of the slot game is wonderful, with classic symbols along with new symbols to increase a player’s interest. Although the jackpot is only 2500 coins, there is more to be made playing this slot machine than you would think. It is straightforward and easy to play. We remind you to read the payable as it contains 6 symbols that offer specific payouts. There are no wilds or scatters nor special features. The 7/7 slot game is the entire deal, and a good one.

Lucky Symbols

The symbols in Lucky 7s include: The Lucky 7s Logo symbol. Get all 7 of this symbol to win 2500 coins. The next symbol is the Money Bag; get all 7 to win 1000 coins. These are followed by more familiar symbols including a triple gold 7, a Chip with three 7s, a Red Chip with one 7, and the Cherries.

Winning Comes Easily

On my first spin, I won $540.00 with a max bet of $70. Thus, whether you bet the max (which we always recommend), or you start off with the lower denominations, you will always come out a winner. So work your way up to the max bet and you will be rolling in dough in no time.

Play Lucky 7s Slots

As I mentioned earlier, I love this game. It’s fun to play, is a 7/7 slot game with classic and non-traditional symbols, and is lucrative. We invite you to play Lucky 7s Slots at our top online casino for US players – Lincoln Flash Casino.