Three Cheers for the Red White and Win Slots

Red White and Win Slots is a patriotic theme-based progressive slot that has been around for some time. Its popularity has withstood the test of time, and it one of the more enjoyable classic slots available to our online slot players from the US. Once again, because it is a progressive slot, you can only play it for real money at Lincoln Flash Casino. Therefore, you can join today, make your deposit, and begin play. It really is worth the few minutes it takes to be able to play this fantastic game.

Game Facts

Red White and Win Slots is a 3-reel, 1-payline progressive slot game. Of course, the progressive jackpot grows each and every day affording you the opportunity to win huge payouts. To do so, there are three jackpots which allow you to win a percentage of the total progressive amount. This is a $2.50 cent slot which allows you to bet one to three coins. Betting one coin will win you 5% of the progressive pot; two coins will win you 10% of the progressive pot, and three coins will win you the entire kit and caboodle. As you will see, the pay table is located at the top of the slot game for your convenience. On the left side of the pay table, you will see symbols that will pay out up to 60 coins; while on the right hand side, you have the jackpot wins. We strongly recommend you bet the max in this game. There is an auto play button to help you out as well.

Patriotic Symbols

Although this is a classic slot, the symbols reflect its theme. They include: an Eagle, two Eagles, One Statue of Liberty, Two Statues of Liberty, any three Bars, single bars, and double bars. To the right you will find triple bars, a red white and blue 7, George Washington, an Eagle, Statue of Liberty, and three American Flags. Note that besides the progressive jackpot, you can win 1500 coins when you get three Statues of Liberty betting 3 coins.

Play Red White and Win Slots at Lincoln Flash Casino

This is a fantastic slot game to play during the 4th of July Holiday or any time during the year. It is lucrative, imaginative, and offers a progressive jackpot that keeps on giving. Therefore, we invite you to play Red White and Win Slots at Lincoln Flash Casino.