Tips and Tricks for US Players

As a Lincoln Casino player, I wanted to share all of the splendid ways to win at Lincoln Casino. This article will go over my biggest tips and tricks for winning it big on slots! When it comes to slots, it's important to know the statistics associated with your game. That means hit rate, RTP percentage and variance. Picking slots is about more than picking a fun visual or a game with special features that look dazzling. While those elements of your slot experience are just as important, you want to make sure you know where the slot lands when it comes to RTP. The RTP is the Return to Player percentage..

It's also important to know the difference between a low-variance game, a high variance game and a medium variance game. It's important to understand the metrics of a slot game so you can properly assess your risk. You'll have a better chance of winning if you understand what the volatility of the slot is. Variance isn't the same as RTP. The variance is the payout ratio of a slot machine. So low volatility slots are good for players on a budget. These kinds of slots pay out more often, and while the payouts are smaller, you won't need to bet as much to enjoy some wins. You can start out with a low variance, bet small and win some more money, then switch to a higher volatility slot and take a bigger risk. High volatility slots can reward players with small and medium size wins if you're willing to take a risk and have a substantial budget. Usually jackpot slots offer fewer high payout symbols, but when they do appear, players will receive a lucrative win.

Typically, if you have the time, low bet slots will feature big wins after you've played for a long time, so if you can commit to spinning slots for a while, you'll have a better chance at triggering an epic payout. Low variance slots usually pay 250x to 500x your bet, and high variance slots pay 3,000x to 10,000x your bet. Medium variance slots obviously land somewhere in the middle, and can payout low prizes and jackpots.

Game Volatility in a Nutshell

Game volatility itself as a measurement will show how a single slot machine payouts to the player. That's the difference between volatility versus variance. Games with the same volatility can give you different results if they have a different variance. I recommend playing on low volatility slots with a high return to player percentage. These games will payout frequently. When I want to try to win a larger amount and know I'm going to be playing for a few hours, I go for a slot with a high return to player percentage and a high volatility rating. The payouts will be less frequent, but far more rewarding.

Hit Frequency

Another stat associated with slots that's important to know is hit frequency. This just describes how often a slot machine lands a winning combination. So for example, if the hit frequency is 25% that means you'll land a win 25% of the time. However, because many slots offer multiple pay lines, you can win on one and lose on others, so you don't want to rely purely on hit frequency.

Last Hint - Take Free Spins!

Lincoln Casino encourages players to explore their slots collection within their bonus section, so my last tip when it comes to landing big on slots is to take advantage of their bonus offers. You can use deposit boosts, free spins on select games and more to stretch your playing money!