Lincoln Casino's Top Payment Methods for US Players: A Comprehensive Guide

Lincoln Casino

This article will serve you well, as a guide to all things money for US players looking to invest in a few games at Lincoln Casino. Sometimes making payments can seem a little overly complicated thanks to the variety of payment methods available to choose from. Many payment methods come with specific terms and conditions, including separate withdrawal time frames, minimum deposit requirements and so much more. Some methods may serve players better than others, depending on their specific needs. For example, if privacy and fast withdrawals matter the most to you, you'd probably want to consider banking with a cryptocurrency. However, if you prefer more old school methods, you could still deposit and withdraw using your bank and credit card, you just need to be aware of the criteria that need to be met to use that method.

How To Make a Deposit

Before we can discuss the pros and cons of each banking method, I thought it'd be wise to go over how to make a basic deposit at Lincoln Casino. When you make your first deposit, you'll be presented with a wide variety of options. They have Visa, Mastercard, and Bitcoin. Players cannot make wire transfer payments, however. The page is fairly rudimentary as long as you're familiar with online banking of any kind. However, if you are using a method such as Bitcoin, you need to copy the wallet address and transfer your Digital currency into your casino account.

Regular Credit and Debit Cards

This is perhaps the most standard of all payment methods you could choose. You can deposit and withdraw using both Visa and Mastercard. Both of these methods are fee free and there is no maximum or minimum withdrawal when you use them at Lincoln Casino. The minimum deposit for this method however is $25.

Cryptocurrency Withdrawals and Deposits

These methods are all cryptocurrency methods. You've probably heard a lot about crypto if you spend any time online, and cryptocurrency has teamed up with a plethora of online casinos, including Lincoln Casino . There are a lot of benefits to banking with crypto, like anonymous transactions. The minimum deposit requirement for Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash is only $10, while the minimum deposit requirement for Bitcoin is $25. Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin come with relatively no restrictions. There is no minimum or maximum withdrawal, no fees and your withdrawals are instant. Bitcoin itself is a little different, to withdraw with bitcoin you'll need to take out at least $100. There is a weekly maximum withdrawal associated with Bitcoin as well, which is $2,500 per week. This method comes with no fees and it'll take 48 for you to receive cash from your withdrawals.

Neosurf, eZeeWallet and Ecopayz

eZeeWallet is an e-wallet, also known as an electronic wallet. To make deposits using eZeeWallet, you need to make a minimum deposit of $10. This option comes with no minimum or maximum withdrawal requirements or fees, and your withdrawal is instant on this platform.

Neosurf and Ecopayz are prepaid credit cards. The minimum deposit for Neosurf payments is very low. You only need to deposit $10 and this method is associated with zero fees, and no weekly limits or restrictions. EcoPayz is a little more restrictive. The minimum deposit for this method is $20 and the minimum withdrawal is $25. There is a maximum weekly withdrawal of $2,500, so you cannot exceed this number when cashing out your winnings. It'll also take 48 hours to withdraw your wins.

Bankwire and Check

No comprehensive guide on payment methods would be complete without covering the most standard form of withdrawing and depositing. If you use the checking method, the minimum withdrawal is $150. The maximum withdrawal is $3,000 per week and it comes with a $45 fee. It'll take you five days to withdraw this way. If you use bank wire, you'll encounter probably the worst restrictions when it comes to withdrawals. The minimum withdrawal is $150 and the maximum withdrawal is $2,500 per week. You'll need to pay a $45 fee and it'll take you fifteen days to claim your winnings.