Malt Shop Memories

There are, indeed, a lot of memories that one can vividly recall playing Malt Shop Memories Slots at Lincoln Flash Casino. I certainly do. There was a neighborhood Malt Shop that I use to go to after school, and we would sit on the stools and drink Egg Creams while listening to the music playing on the Juke Box. Those were the days! You, too, can relive those memories as well. However, Malt Shop Memoires is part of Lincoln Flash Casino’s portfolio that cannot be played in flash, but has to be downloaded. But remember you can easily join Lincoln Flash Casino and play this memorable game for real money.

Game Facts

Malt Shop Memories is a classic slot in that it is a 3-reel, 1-payline slot. That’s where it ends. The symbols reflect the theme perfectly, and you will find these symbols located at the top of the slot machine so that you can view them while playing. The jackpot is worth 2000 coins, and the coin sizes range from one cent to $10, with a max bet of $30. We highly recommend you bet the max in order to get as many high payouts as you can. For your convenience, there is an Auto Play button you can utilize at any time.

Can I Have a Strawberry Malted?

The symbols in Malt Shop Memories include a wild symbol, which is the Strawberry Malted. This symbol will pay 2x your bet when there is a 3 symbol winning combination. Get all three of the Strawberry Malted symbol to win the jackpot worth 2000 coins. Other symbols include: roller skates, single, double, and triple bars, hamburger, car, and a flag.

Play Malt Shop Memories Slots at Lincoln Flash Casino

It’s funny; the girl in the hooped skirt and the guy with slick back hair standing up against his car, remind me of Grease. But many memories will come to mind when you play Malt Shop Memories at Lincoln Flash Casino.