Exclusive VIP Benefits at Lincoln Casino for US Players

Lincoln Casino is renowned in the USA for many things. They have an abundance of promotions to choose from, like new game bonuses, weekly rewards and a rebate bonus. However, what really makes Lincoln Casino shine among the noise is its tiered loyalty program. The most loyal players at Lincoln Casino will benefit the most from this platform, as they take care of their loyal members like family. They have over 170 different casino games you can use these loyalty benefits on too, you can participate in special tournaments and other events that make it all worthwhile.

These VIP exclusive bonuses are incredibly lucrative, and there are six levels of bonuses to work your way through. When you deposit at least $25.00, you're automatically a member of The Lincoln Rewards program. You start at Amber Level, and make your way through different levels. You earn reward points that help you level up by wagering on games, and when you accumulate the right amount of points, you'll be automatically upgraded to the next level, and you'll have access to a new set of rewards and bonuses.

Amber Level

Amber Level is the first ever and once you purchase your first credits, consider yourself an honored member of the Lincoln Casino. You can claim a 10% bonus on every deposit you make at Lincoln Casino, and a 20% deposit bonus if you purchase $35.00 or more worth of credits. Monday through Thursday, Amber Level players can claim a 150% bonus on their first purchase of the day, and on the weekends you can also claim a 150% bonus on your first deposit of the day, but you'll want to check out the terms and conditions beforehand while claiming this bonus. The minimum deposit requirement for this program is $25.00.

Bronze Level

Once you've earned 10,000 comp points, you'll be promoted to Bronze Level on this platform. Bronze Level players can claim a 15% bonus on all deposits made, and a 25% deposit bonus on any deposit when they purchase $35.00 worth of credits or more. You'll still have access to the 150% bonus on your first deposit of the day, every day of the week.

Silver Level

Once you've earned a total of 50,000 comp points, you'll be promoted from Bronze Level, to Silver Level! Silver Level players receive a 20% bonus on all deposits made, every day. No deposit will be without a nice 20% boost, and if you deposit $35.00 or more, you'll receive a 30% boost instead. You can also continue to claim a 150% boost on your first purchase of the day during the weekends and the weekdays.

Gold Level

When you reach 100,000 comp points, you'll become a Golden Player at Lincoln Casino. Golden Players receive a 25% bonus on all deposits made, every day, at all times of the day. You can claim a 35% bonus on any deposit of $35.00 or more, too. You can still claim a 150% bonus on your first deposit daily, too.

Platinum Level

This is the second highest level obtainable through the loyalty program. Once you reach 500,000 points, you'll become a Platinum player. You'll receive a 30% bonus on all deposits you make throughout the day, and a 40% bonus when you purchase $35.00 or more, once again claimable an unlimited number of times.

Diamond Level

This is the last level at Lincoln Casino, and players need to earn 1,000,000 comp points to become a Diamond player. Diamond players will receive a 35% bonus on all of their deposits made daily, and a 45% bonus when they purchase $35.00 or more in credits.