Pay Dirt Slots

In the realm of progressive slots, we would like to preview a classic slot that has been popular since it was first lunched. Pay Dirt is one of those games that appeals to all online slot players in that you can win one of three jackpots, with the last being the progressive. You can play this slot game for real money only at Lincoln Flash Casino. Just join, make a deposit, and in the lobby area go to progressive slots and you will Pay Dirt in alphabetical order. This is one of few progressive slots that you cannot play for fun. But why play for fun when you can have the chance to win the huge progressive jackpot.

Game Facts

One of the reasons Pay Dirt is so appealing is that it is a $1 slot. Thus, the maximum amount you can bet is $3 per spin. We highly recommend you bet the max because the rewards are endless. The pay table is located at the top of the slot machine, and there you can see there are three jackpots. Each one depends on the total number of coins you bet – from one to 3. The first jackpot will win you 15% of the total progressive amount with one coin; the second jackpot will yield 25% of the progressive jackpot using two coins; and the third jackpot will garner you the entire progressive jackpot when betting 3 coins. There is an auto play button available for your convenience.

Pay Dirt Symbols

The symbols in Pay Dirt Slots range from the classic to the unusual. They include: single pyramids, cherries, single bars, double bars, 3 green 7s, triple pyramids, one dollar bills, and a fistful of dollars. As you will see, the highest amount paid, other than the progressive jackpot, is when you get three pyramid symbols to win 1800 coins.

Play Pay Dirt Progressive Slot at Lincoln Flash Casino

This is truly a great game to play as it is a progress slot built around a traditional one. Betting the max will appeal to all online slot players, given the sizeable payout offered. We invite you to play Pay Dirt Slots at Lincoln Flash Casino.