Ultimate 10x Wild Slots

Ultimate 10x Wild is a new slot from the developing team at Wager Gaming Technology and happens to be the second installment in a gaming franchise that goes by the name of WILD X. The series has now become famous for its numerous and extraordinary features, which put an emphasis on the gambling thrills and the satisfyingly big size of the financial prizes. The game is fully available and successfully converted for mobile use as well and its interface and gameplay are just as easy to enjoy on the small screen as they are to experience on a desktop.


All in all, the game is in possession of 9 winning combinations as well as a single central payline. Spectacularly so, it also offers two wild multiplier features and a single progressive jackpot prize, the value of which keeps rising and rising and will be acquired by a lucky gambler at some point before it reaches 10 000 dollars. The game offers the basic slot game functions from credits to coin size and payline number selection. The bigger are the numbers that the players have chosen through these basic options, the bigger the bet sums will be.

Basic Option Numbers

The number of credits can be changed via the Credit Up and the Credit Down buttons. Credit numbers vary between 1 and 3. The paytable that is placed right above the reels on the main screen clearly depicts the way how one and the same winning combination pay differently according to the number of the credits, with which a spin is entered. Coin sizes start at 1 cent and can go as high as 5 dollars. The value of each individual coin (or credit) can be changed and adjusted according to the player's preferences from the Coin Up and Coin Down buttons. It's all a question of what level or risk are you prepared to expose yourself to and what is your budget for a single game. Playing safe would mean lowering the size and number values of the credits, while risking big would mean pumping up those values. Ultimate 10x Wild Slots' set up allows for a maximum possible bet of 15 dollars and that is in the case of the maximum number of credits bet (3) at the maximum value (5 dollars). The lowest possible bet is 1 cent-when one credit is bet at the size of 1 cent. Then all that is left for the gambler to do is hit the Spin Reels button and the game will start.

This new addition to WGS' Wild X series might be a modest game in terms of gameplay but its potential for giant earnings is indisputable especially when its multiplier features, progressive jackpot prize and credit size and number variety is taken into account.