If you gamble online, your bankroll is the amount of money you set aside for playing games.

Why Is Bankroll Management SO Important?

According to the Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling you should only bet "what you can afford to lose. It doesn't matter if you want to win millions or you are just trying to have some quick fun online. To beat the house you need: skills, time, and luck. And before all three can happen at the same time - you will lose money. If you are not prepared to go through a losing streak, you will never be a winner. In gambling - like in everything else in life - bankroll management is the key to success.”

Your Mindset Plays an Important Role when Gambling

Bets of 5 cents or $1 are not only your best choice from a bankroll management standpoint; they are work at a psychological level too. You should play only what you can afford to lose ($100) and what gives you a fair number of tries ($1/hand). But you also need to make sure you play enough money to care about the way you play. You should never gamble with money that you are afraid to lose. With every review we provide online players from the US, we always make a point if giving you the minimum and maximum bets. We also tell you that if you can’t afford the max bet, to begin with the lower denominations and work your way up.

The No-Deposit Bonus

Start with a no deposit bonus. This way you can try some casino games with no investment and see if you can build your bankroll with your skills alone. Don't bet too much all at once. Spread your money on small bets so that you can outlast a losing streak and be there when the winning one begins.