Is online gaming safe?

Yes it is if you stick with the Licensed Online Casinos. Too often you may encounter online casinos that are simply copyrighted. Moreover, we have written about this topic a while ago because there have been many questions from players who continue to ask the same question. No matter what a copyrighted online casino offers vis a vis welcome bonuses, promotions, no deposit bonuses and the like, it is customary that these online casinos are owned, operated, or licensed either by a Government or a well-known licensed company.

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Every slot machine has a random number generator that is attached to the slot, and when you hit the spin button, a signal is sent to that RNG which selects a random string of numbers which will allow the slot to turn into reel symbols. This is the first line of defense to ensure that you are given the opportunity to play a fair and random slot.

All slot machines are therefore completely random so there will never be any knowing in advance when a slot machine is going to pay out. This ensures that you are always playing fair and random slot machines and will experience both winning and losing sessions and spins each time you play them.

One thing that you can always be assured of before any slot machine goes live and becomes available to players is that the slot will have gone through a very rigorous testing procedure where millions of spins will have been played off.