What is a random number generator?

Every slot machine has a random number generator that is attached to the slot, and when you hit the spin button, a signal is sent to that RNG which selects a random string of numbers which will allow the slot to turn into reel symbols. The payout percentages or RTP’s (return to player) will vary quite significantly depending on just which slot machine you are playing. However, generally online and mobile Slot machines will come with payout percentages of between 95% and 99%, and the ones you should be tracking down and playing are those which have been designed with the very highest payout percentage.

Do all Online Casinos Offer RTPs for Slot Games?

The answer is a bit complicated. The truth is that not all online casinos, whether top of the line or not, do not always offer RTPs. However, those who do are especially popular among US players because all the information they need, whether in the description of the game, the features, and even the RTPs are included. We make it a point to inform our players what the RTP is for slot games, for example. But unfortunately, there are very few online casinos that provide the answer. Thus, we have to go through other sources to find the RTP. The only problem with outsourcing is that not all sources are equal.

Therefore, if an online casino makes it a point to provide players with RTPs, then kudos to them for giving players the answers they need in order to play slot games or any other games with clarity.