Bump it Up Joker Poker

Now here’s an interesting game I’ve never played until now. Bump It Up Joker Poker is a fascinating game of 5 card poker in which there are four hands. The hands are on four levels. Thus, in order to Bump It Up to the next level, you have to win the first level, and so on. Let’s take a look at this relatively new game.

Game Facts

Just like 5 card poker, the object of this game is to win a hand in order to advance to the next level. There are four levels. Betting starts at one cent to a max of $2. You can opt to play less than 4 hands, but then what would be the point of this game. Each level contains a multiplier. The first level is 1xs your bet; the 2nd is 2xs your bet; the third level is 4xs your bet; and the top level is 8xs your bet won. The first time I played, I bet the max of $2, hit all four levels and won $32. Not bad for a first timer. In Bump It Up Joker Poker, the Joker is wild. This gives you plenty of chances to climb that ladder to the top level. If you lose on the first level, you have to begin again. If you have a fabulous hand on the first level as I did, you won’t have to do anything, as the machine will hold the 3 jacks, for example, and automatically move you up. But then it’s up to you.

The Pay Table

To the left of the card levels is the pay table, and it is important to read it as you will see how much you will be paid for a game winning hand. The jackpot, by the way, is 3000 coins. What makes a winning hand? In Bump It Up Poker, the winning hands are as follows: Kings or Better; 2 Pair; 3 of a Kind; Straight; Flush; Full House; 4 of a Kind; Straight Flush; 5 of a Kind; and a Natural Royal Flush. This last hand will pay out 3000 coins.

The Buttons

The hold buttons are there for obvious reasons. Five cards are dealt and you decide what cards to keep using the hold buttons. The discards are then replaced with new cards. If you win on the first level, you proceed to the second, and so on as I indicated. There is a Collect button is you decide to take your win, and there is a Double Button if you want to increase your win. There is the 4, 3, 2, and 1 Hand Button, the Coin size button, The Bet One and Bet Max buttons, and the Deal button.

Play Bump It Up Joker Poker

This is a great game to play for those of you who love any 5-card game with a wild card. Moreover, you have four chances to win up to 8xs your bet. Try Bump It Up Joker Poker at Lincoln Flash Casino. Play it for fun and then when you have the hang of it, go on to play for real money. This is one game I totally recommend you play at Lincoln Flash Casino.