Deuces Wild

Once again, Deuces Wild is a pretty easy game to play. The only difference between this and Jacks or Better, for example, is that Deuces are in play. In this game, they are wild, thus the name of the game Deuces Wild. This makes for an interesting game because most people like wild cards in a five-card game. So here’s the deal (pardon the pun)…..

Game Facts

Deuces Wild is a single hand card game in which the coin bet ranges from 25 cents to $10. Again, as with other five card games, Deuces Wild is ideal for new players, seasoned players, and everyone in between. The jackpot in this game is 4000 coins. The chart above the cards indicates how much you can win depending upon your wager. The buttons you’ll need to use include the Hold buttons; the coin button, when you decide how much you wish to bet; the Bet One and Bet Max buttons (always bet the max in this game); and the Deal Button. There are also two more buttons that you’ll want to refer to: the first is the Collect button. If you win and decide to collect, hit this button. The Double button will allow you to double your win, if you should decide to do so.

Playing the Game

Because the Deuces are Wild, the chart will read a little differently than your standard Jacks or Better chart. Therefore, it begins with: 3 of a Kind; Straight; Flush; Full House; Four of a Kind; Straight Flush; 5 of a Kind; Deuces Royal Flush; and Royal Flush. Each of these is given a payout from 1 coin to 4000 coins, respectively. To begin play, select your bet (we recommend you always bet the max), and hit the Deal button and five cards will be dealt. Choose the cards you wish to keep using the hold button for each card; discard those you do not want and they will be replaced with new cards. When you win, you can collect or double your win using the appropriate buttons.

Play Deuces Wild

This is a more exciting game to play in that you can literally get 5 deuces in one shot! If you don’t know how to play Deuces Wild, go to Lincoln Flash Casino, register as a guest, and choose the Play for Fun button. Then practice the game until you feel comfortable with it, and then play for real money. It’s a game definitely worth playing!